March 29, 2010

What a morning

I knew the day would be bad... I had a very hard time sleeping last evening and tossed and turned up until 3:00A.M. Time to get up go to work. Dressed had breakfast fixed lunch put shoes on added coat (still very cold 28degrees I believe they said on the boob tube) went out started frosted up scrape off.... now this is where it goes down hill. I start the car turn the lights on put in gear and WOW the lights go dim OH WELL, I go ahead and start on out the drive down the road stop at the light turn south and go 1/2 mile and check gauges come on, check engine comes on and lights almost nil. Boy-oh-boy! I have to pull over pull into a empty lot(luckily there) and walk home at 6:13 A.M. Takes me 1/2 hour and I am about frozen not dressed for this cold a weather to walking the highways. I need a nap. Will call my daddy and see if he can take me to work but he doesn't get up until after 8:00. Man-o-man. It will be O.K. Jesus loves me!!! Right?
Happy Stitches,

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