November 07, 2010

While I've been Gone.

Boy, didn't think I would be away so long.Changes at work and helping the kids out can really take more time away from the computer. I have had 4 deaths in the friend category with another Saturday morning . This is on my ex-husbands side of the family only 57 years old. She had been sick for many years with many struggles as she was also the care giver to the grandpa(ex-father-in-law). Thought I would post some pictures of whats been happening in the last few months and get caught up with a few things in Blogland.
OK First these 3 pictures are from our county fair in Aug. Great day all day then when we get there not even 10 minutes and the skyes let loose. We ran to the indoor arena for 4-H shows and waited about 20 min to have the rain stop as fast as it started. The rain soaked into the ground so fast that we did not get muddy or stay wet to long as we dried pretty quickly.

A woman in the quilt guild I belong to was diagnosed with breast cancer so some of ladies got together to make a quilt and someone volunteered to quilt it and then someone else put the binding on (love the ladies in the guild). When all was completed I live just down the street so I took this beautiful quilt over to her and we went out to her deck to get this lovely photo. She prefers to go without wigs and I think she is adorable. She is doing very well and has not missed even one day of work. So proud of her and the strength she is showing everyone. Never Give Up.

Then 9-11 came and I had made this little wall-hanging back then in a couple days after someone posted this pattern on-line. I hang it every year. Just a reminder to Never Forget.

Then on 9-16 My youngest daughter turned 24yrs young. She had found this fabric at Jo-Ann's and we didn't know what on earth we would make. I had been going through some old quilt magazines and came across a pattern in 1996 Quilt Sampler called Desert Vista by Anne Dutton and Dorothy Dodds only I used the center only as Laura Boehnke had done in her pattern test example. The picture is as it hung on the design wall for 3 weeks. My daughter comes home and doesn't think the center skull piece is centered correctly. OH OK then. I looked and looked and finally agreed with her. I go and get another qtr yd and this time I fussy cut the center, square, and not diamond. So the wall hanging is now turned square instead of diamond shape. This is now all pieced and ready for quilting. I will get another picture up soon of the final quilt. You may ask why? did she want skull and roses. Roses are the symbol for her music Fraternity and she is studying Anthropology so this is just her cup of tea :-). She is loving it. Oh, and the reason it is not quilted is because we are making new initiation gowns for the fraternity(18) and the pattern is from the forties. Needless to say I am not a clothes sewer and she barely knows how to sew on a button. We are half done and luckily have until early December to finish. Every weekend we do one or two steps . Soon.. Soon.. I keep saying.

Well then the seasons started to change and one morning I got off work(I work 11:00 to 7:00) I stopped at Cracker Barrel for Breakfast and found ice on the foliage outside their building. I'M NOT READY. Oh, well Mother Nature thinks other wise.

Then this last Saturday I went to the Fort Wayne Art Museum to see this:
My daughter standing beside her painting. It was chosen by sending in a digital photo. She is so very talented and gifted in the arts. She has made some very impressive pieces and sold several. This painting is gifted to her brother and his wife as it is a painting of their driveway. We are all hoping for a seasonal grouping, but alas she has taken on a a part-time job and has found out she is 9 week s pregnant. Yahoo!!!!!

This is plenty for now and not even close to what I wanted to say. I am going to get better at this one way or another. I still have so much to learn about writing a blog and posting the pictures. I never seem to get them just like I want them to appear. End up getting frustrated and quit never go back. That is gonna change. I have so much to say show. So until we meet again.......
Happy Stitches,Margie

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