July 18, 2009

Day Two

This has been a long week. Not much exciting other than work and County Fair.Took the grandboys and walked the grounds and ate the goodies.Pickle on a stick,elephant ears,corn on the cob,corn dogs,gyros,cinnamon rolls,cotton candy and lemon shake ups. Glad for not going on rides in the Midway.Saw some very nice quilty items in the extension judging and the 4-H awesome as always. My grandson very much liked the many collections the 4-Hers had of leggo,and cars and bugs. Saw several of family and friends.Have quilt guild workshop today for Wickedly Easy quilts should be very fun.Not much sewing going on here at the ark. Meaning to get the shovels out and start moving the"stuff" around to get to the cutting table to square up some blocks get them ready to get into rows. May be Sunday afternoon. Tonight is big 6th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's for my older grandson.
Happy Stitches

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