August 16, 2009

Day Three

Boy! I can't believe it has been almost a month since last post. Our family had a death in our extended family the last day I posted. My father's lady friend died. She had been in and out of hospitals for nine years after a very debilitating auto accident. They had been together almost 30 yrs. My own mother passed away 35 years this December things were very hard on Dad. The family is taking time to to help him by fixing meals and taking him out to eat. He loves Hardy's and KFC. He just feels so lonely with no one calling to see what he is doing or not having somewhere to go in the evenings.
Went to the Indiana State Fair last week. The year of the Tomato. Every year they decorate the information center to go with the theme. My DIL took this picture. Just perfect.Weather has been very good for the fair this year. I always like to visit the the building to the left in picture.
Arts building. Quilts,paintings,photography, and all kinds of needlework and handcrafts.
I loved seeing the winning quilts and some are by people I know from quilt guild. This year everyone seemed to make things featuring tomatoes. Very good fabrics out there with veggies and the tomato fabric was great in aprons,bibs,wall hangings and table toppers.
My daughter is back a Ball State University for band camp, stated yesterday. She is in her 5th year and will be flute section leader. She took time off last year. She was Drum Major in 2007. I was very proud of her. Her dream was to be Drum Major at the University since high school.
My son works --worked --for Delphi until last week became one of a growing number of laid off workers in Indiana. My nephew has been laid off since November from Chrysler and will go back to work Monday. Yeah!!!!!! He has a new 6 mo baby with Downs Syndrome who has had a hard way to go. He is doing great and loves when people do the raspberrry noise. LOL.

Happy Stitches,

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