November 28, 2009

Journey to John Hopkins Hospital

My middle daughter Kelly(far right in back) is on her way to John Hopkins to hopefully find out what has been going on with her for almost 6 weeks. She has been having migraine headaches for 2 months now and was sent to the hospital Thursday before Halloween as a 31 yr old stroke victim. I live 10 hours away. Talk about a wake up call. Flew out on Friday with my other daughters and stayed a week. they ran 3 cat scans and 2 MRI and she had 2 spinal taps. They first looked at Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Test from Mayo clinic came back negative. Sent her home with no answers. She has a infectious disease doctor a Rheumatologist and 2 Neurologists and still no answers. Then last week she starting seeing double and found out her eyes were hemorrhaging Tried meds that a eye specialist gave her and she is allergic. The migraine came back with a vengeance on Thanksgiving. So glad she had family there for the holiday(her little sister and cousin). Now the the wait is on. She called me and said the lion in Dr. Dolittle has the same symptoms and he had a blood clot on the brain and surgery was the answer.
Happy Stitches,

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