December 08, 2009

Remember Me Tribute to Ann

Today 35 years ago My beloved mother past away. She was only forty yrs young . Everyone now knows about Lupus. At the time very little was known and all the specialist were in California. We live in the midwest Kokomo Indiana and she was taken to a hospital in Cincinnati,OH. She was given only 4 mos. to live she showed them lasted 8 mos. Going blind and several other complications before she was at rest. My mother was my rock. She taught me well. A good Christian life and all that goes along with being a moral and upstanding citizen. She loved to cook,bake,sew,knit,crochet, and didn't mind doing all the day to day chores of running a household and working full time outside the home or giving my sister and I all that we needed and to the best of her ability what we wanted. She made sure there was money for vacations, extra school activities, girl scouts, band, baton lessons and piano lessons. Her dream was to retire and babysit for the grandchildren as they came upon the scene, only to live long enough to meet her 1st grandson and know that another baby was on the way (born in Feb.). Don't they look happy!!! He was the light of her life she adored him. This was taken just weeks before she was admitted to the hospital. Funny now as I look at this picture but I believe this is the dress she wanted to be buried in. Odd how some some things just come to you. My mother was very ill when she was told about the 2nd grandchild and asked my husband if we had a girl would he name the baby after her so she would not be forgotten. Our daughter is named Kathryn Ann after mom and have been very pleased with the decision and happy with the woman she has become. The day has almost come to an end and the night hours are wet, sleet and snow mix, freezing rain on the way as it was the night we drove home from Cincinnati. That was a very long drive and dangerous, Dad did not want to leave Mom by herself. Was two days to get her body home (would have been their 21 st anniversary) with the funeral on the 12th.

Love you Mom.

Always stitching

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