December 30, 2010

New York New York

Boy, have I got a lot to say. On Tuesday the 28th we boarded the VRE and headed to Washington D.C. to take the Amtrak to New York. My very first train ride and 1st time to the Big Apple. This only 2 days after they had a BLIZZARD. Must have been 10-12 inches of snow with the white stuff piled as high as the cars but, the sidewalks were very passable compared to the crossover points. The puddles that you have to step thru to cross the street were at least 4-5 inches deep. The white stuff was melting fast as the temperature was in the mid forties by late afternoon. My youngest daughter was thinking of NYU for grad school..I don't think so much now. We were at Times Square and Penn station at midnight so crowded. More to tell later when can get pictures uploaded.
This has been a wonderful experience and very glad my daughters invited me to go.
Two less things on my Bucket List. Oh wait..... I MADE it to The City Quilter and picked up some New York fabric to make a table runner or memory photo quilt.
Until I get back......Happy Stitches,Margie

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