February 02, 2011

Storm....What Storm????

This is the first day of storms...not bad.
This is only sleet no snow...then about 1/2" of ice.
Second day more sleet and ice to deepen the pile.
Then the snow plows....I walked out to the mailbox and the
top of the box came to my waist.....I didn't even fall through
the big pile left by the street crews.
Then DS calls from Michigan, his friend has a guy shovelling out his drive down the street call and see if he would do mine. LOL I have no cash on hand....Maybe? he will take me to ATM so I can pay for the work.....OK....Yipeee. So here is Mike working hard to get my drive cleaned up....asked if I could take a picture for my Blog and he posed for me...to funny... THEN TAH DAH ...All Done. But work called and I am not to report until Thurs at 11:00PM ....No work for 3 days.....Yeow!!!
Oh and then all day we have had snow. I think I will make veggie soup and call it a day..

Happy Stitches,Margie

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