July 03, 2011

Been Trippin'

Well long time no see!!
I have been everywhere and nowhere.
The last you heard of me I was snowed in and waiting for the blizzard of the century...Never came...did get snowplowed in my drive pictures in previous post from February.

Getting our rental car, Audi s4 AWESOME!!!
To make things go faster I will let everyone know I have been to Portugal and stayed a week in Lisbon with My son and daughter-in-law with her family for a week. This was the end of March and beginning of April. My birthday is April 1st so I had a very nice present being in Europe and learning lots of new things... This is the grocery store(taken with my phone)I have several pictures but at this time not able to post...son is going to have to help at this point. What I did was post to facebook a now I am not sure how to get them over here to Blogland. Was the most fantastic thing I have done and the pictures (over 700) are so wonderful to look back at and think....I was really there....

My daughter graduated from college BSU this May after 6 years and now is spending her time looking at grad schools and internships...working this summer with me at the factory....not real happy with this but the money is good so she *deals with it* LOL.
My father had a stroke at the end of May and has been going to therapy 3 times a week and the doctor appointments are endless. He is not a happy camper...hates taking medication..only 4...so grumble grumble grumble. He is doing good and was thinking of driving to church today. I keep telling him he is getting his days and nights mixed....napping on/off during the day and then can't sleep at night....just like the NEW GREAT GRANDBABY. YEA!!!! she is here.
Now on to some more exciting news and what has been going on here. This is the last thing that has been happening. Just a gorgeous baby girl born on June 14th 8lbs 14 oz 21 inches. Hello, Roxie

This is her 1st quilt from Grammie. Spinning stars. The hospital took a photo for the new baby with her wrapped in the quilt with a little crochet hat and flower so very cute.

Happy Stitches, Margie

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