July 04, 2011

Save the Kindle project!

This is what I was working on last night. The neighborhood fireworks kept me awake into the early hours.
My sister received a Kindle for her birthday in May with NO COVER. She keeps it stored on her buffet in the dining room. I decided after some searching on the WWW that I could make one easily.
I used a pattern for Bookkeeper on MODA Bake Shop and one from Expect Moore blog and using features from both. This is so easy that I made one for mine that is in a leather cover (one with a light feature) 1st picture.
I think everyone should try this,very fast and rewarding. Give it a try.

The next thing I would like to talk about is scraps and what to do with them.

This pile (1st photo on the floor)is leftovers from my daughters project to make Greek Letters for her music Fraternity. So many pieces with fusible and scraps large and small. I cut the fusible pieces away from non and then I divided out small usable and large non-fusible. I like to make postcards and fusible appliqué so into their respective bins in the sewing room. the large pieces on the chair were cut done into squares and then into the proper bin.

Happy Stitches,Margie

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