November 24, 2011


Things sure have changed this year.
I volunteered to work 3rd shift at the factory for 6 months and it has now been 13 months. Won't do that again. The things you never think will never happen seems to always be thatta way. Not much sewing going on here at the ark as I have tried unsuccessfully to clean out the sewing room and life gets in the way. I had everything out and was slowly getting it back together when I decided I didn't want my entertainment center in the Living room anymore. It was a massive piece of furniture with shelving all over. Any guesses was where all that stuff is now? Yep, in the sewing room along with 4 bags of stuff from my dads' house.
You see....My daddy passed away this past summer. He became ill late May...doctors thinking he had a mild stroke only to find out he had Pancreatic Cancer. This was diagnosed on July 18th my grandson's 8th birthday. He had been up all night with terrrible stomach pain and called me when I arrived home from work to ask me to take him to ER. Once there it only took the ER Doc to touch his stomach and order a CAT scan the the results were in. My loving father passed away only 33 days later Aug 21. He turned 85 on July 22 and we were able to have a great birthday party with family and friends.....EVERYONE was here....his brother came from Texas as a surprise and my kids came from all over to help us celebrate. We had 2 wonderful loving weeks to say all the neccessary things and get *stuff* in order....the last 2 weeks were just astounding. Things move very quickly and the man you love and have respected all these years is gone. Just a shell of a human being and needs constant care. My sister and I shared the duties. I was there during the day and would go home and sleep when she came home from work. The last 7 days neither of us left....We always thought daddy would be there forever....He was never sick and had very good health. The days have been LONG since his passing and I struggle daily with his loss. I hope writing this and getting more order around the house can help. Slowly things get back to "normal'....How do I know this? My mother has been gone for 37 yrs ....been here before so I know times will get better.
I want everyone to know I have not been sitting around in a daze due to this. I had been knitting apair of socks with some yarn I picked up in Portugal in April...They are completed...My daddy used to tease me that I would never get them done. I was able to get that pair done and 3/4 of another pair complete. Only started these when he was hospitalized. Pictures if I can get them recovered from my other computer.
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Stitches,Margie

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