February 08, 2013

Back from the Past

Hello Blogland!!!!
I had not realized I have been gone for 15 months.
Things have been quite crazy on the Ark.
Daughter(#3) moved back home and started working at the factory with me on 3rd shift...so seems as if we get nothing accomplished.
Daughter(#3) was not able to get into the grad school(s) of her choice so she went back to school in January.
I am again an empty nester.
 Daughter(#2) was married in May of 2012...She lives on the East Coast and came home to marry, because when my darling granddaddy passed she met up with an old acquaintance and well just a little over a year later they hitched....and are living in Virginia....she has a big home on 10 acres...what guy wouldn't like that....and Daughter(#1) little daughter turned 1 this past June and boy oh boy what a party!!!!! Loads of family and friends were there with lots of cake and ice cream.....
This past summer 2012 DD#3 and I went to MI. to spend a week at my son's house....we went swimming and visited several local places...Spicer Orchard (I think), Local Goodwill store, a great farm yard sale out in the middle of nowhere, had great food and family time....by the way it was also the 2 grandsons BIRTHDAYS.....so more parties....let's see that was in July...also went up there in  Sept., and maybe one more time.
We had a great Christmas at my DD#1 house. Weather was good and everyone was there....all 4 of the children and their spouses and the grandbabies and the 2 new grandsons.....GREAT TIMES.

Now for the quilty NEWS....NOTHING NADA NILCH..........I have been missing in action......my sewing room if you remember is still not back together from 2011.....had some set backs to that fiasco(too long story for now).....I have taken up knitting again after 40 yrs.......My mother had taught me to knit as a young girl and I never made much.....after my father passed in  2011 I found a large project she had started and thought I would someday like to finish if I could only find out what it was to be......I have been knitting socks since my trip to Portugal and think I have enough experience to tackle this project of my mother's. The yarn store my mother purchased this yarn from is still open with the same owner......I take the yarn and my mother's picture in to see if they can help me figure out what this projects was meant to be......the owner remembered my mom and asked me to count the stitches on the needles(mom had about 10 rows knitted)......I say 150 and she says it's the ***** coat (I have asked 3 times again for the name still can not understand...owner is from Morroco) . Longer story short she had me knit until the piece was 7 inches then said come back and we will make the pockets and go from there....I did that and now I am making two pieces 30 stitches by 5 in for the inside of the pockets then I will go back and get more instructions.....this has been very moving for me to maybe see what my mom had envisioned......Time will tell....I am going to give it my total attention!!!

My next trip is in March to Bloomington Quilt Convention  to take a class with.....Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.......One of my most favorite quilters..... time won't pass quick enough.

I hope to get going on this blog and add some pics of the things I have done in the last 15 months....

God Bless and
Happy Stitches, Margie

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