January 05, 2014

First Weekend of 2014

  My 1st finish of the year.
 I have been reading some knitting mystery books by Maggie Sefton and in the back of the books are knitting patterns and recipes from the stories....I started one of the scarfs (Cable Knit scarf) and am about 1/2 done. I wanted to make a hat and use the cable pattern from the scarf......I have never made a hat (only socks). Looked at different patterns and made up my own to use the cables. Started the decreases at 5 " and kept going til 15 stitches on needles then pulled threads tight and finished off 2 days work...I am very happy with my finish and IT FITS!!!! 
Now we are waiting for a very dangerous snow storm....the temps could reach -45 with wind chill. Churches are closing Sunday services and school are announcing closing for Monday. We are expecting to get 8 to 10 " of snow.  They have been showing pictures of all the empty shelves at the grocery stores and people filling their cars gas tanks.

I will probably have time to do a lot of knitting or even work on the sewing/craft room.

 Happy Stitches, Margie

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