January 01, 2014

IT'S HERE   2014!!!

This year has been very crazy!!! I have same job only different hours...leaves very little time for sewing. I started knitting again in 2013....well more than just socks...I made all the grandkids washclothes with their initial (J,C,D,J,R).

 I also made each of the girls 3 daughters and 1 daughter-in-law, my sister and niece a caterpillar scarf. This one is my youngest daughter Kendra's scarf (she wanted bright colors) I made each one a different color and have maybe yarn for 3 more. I made three pairs of socks this year and started 4 pairs in different stages.
 My mothers' coat that I talked about in my last post is progressing..I have the bottom half complete pockets in and 1 sleeve almost complete, I did not work on this from May until September because of work hour changes. I will be able to work more on this as I will be working 4days 10 hrs.shifts with Fri.,Sat. Sun. off.
 I have many plans for 2014....I have knitting to do for Christmas (waiting on yarn), have 4 table runners to do and I really want to finish my Presidents Quilt. I was the President of our local Quilt Guild in 2004 and the members make blocks for out-going presidents and have not been able to find JUST the RIGHT fabrics to finish....I think I have found what I wanted (needed) to accomplish this. My two quilting buddies all are past presidents and are going to meet once a month to work on our settings and get these off the WIP list. LOL.

TaTa for now and again HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Happy Stitches,  Margie

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